Shirley & Chris ~ Vancouver Club Wedding

Today I am SO excited to be able to post some of my favourite wedding images of this year so far! Shirley & Chris are most easily described as the “cutest-asian-hipster-couple.” For more proof of their hipster-ness, check out their engagement session HERE. There were a LOT of things I loved about their wedding – to name a few, her DRESS, his SUIT, her hair & make-up (shout out to Kristel and Brittany who also did my wedding hair and make-up), her Anthropologie necklace, and their impeccable choice in venue – the Vancouver Club.

Before we get to the photos from their day, let me leave you with a small description of the bride & groom – some of the sweetest people I have met!

In his words….I love Shirley – for all her silliness, her fascination with Cantonese pop star Sammi Cheng, her loyal devotion to her family and friends, the sad truth that she has not watched any of the Star Wars or Back to the Future movies, her unwavering encouragement and support in all I do, her inhuman ability to binge watch TV shows and finally, for her inspiration that spurs me on to become a man that honours God as a husband and hope-to-be-father (one day – not yet, calm down!!).

In her words…I love Chris – for all his cute awkwardness, his bold fashion choices, his embarrassing dance moves, his bony shoulder that is always open for me to cry on, his positive spirit that acts as the beacon through my negativity, his silliness that regularly puts me into fits of LOLs and finally, for his relentless passion for God that inspires me to be a more giving, thankful, humble and loving person every day of my life.

Much love to you, Shirley & Chris, we were absolutely honoured to be a part of the first day of the rest of your marriage!

~ Leanne & Shauneille

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