Moes Family…Plus one!

When Kerissa first emailed me about doing their family portraits, I was under the impression that it would JUST be a family portrait session…and so was she! A couple emails into our plans, Kerissa sent me this, “I also just found out I may be pregnant…I’d love to surprise my family and capture it on camera!” NO PRESSURE, right? Kerissa made signs for her family members with their new ‘titles’ (uncle, aunt, grandma, etc.) and it was my job to come up with an idea to make everyone simultaneously surprised without giving it away before that moment. Handing out the signs nonchalantly near the end of the shoot, I announced that I had these fun signs made and everyone had to hold them up to my camera and smile, WITHOUT looking at them. Thankfully there were no peekers, so when I told them to look at the sign they were holding, the reactions were so purely genuine and joyful!

Hope you enjoy this unique baby announcement…and congrats to Kerissa & Dan on their newest addition!

~ Leanne

Tanis - AGREE WITH LINDSAY GEE!! These are incredible and SO creative!!!! And you nailed it! I was tearing up watching the reactions….. the best ever!!!!

Lindsay Gee - Oh this is just the cooooolest family ever! Omg…got goooooosebumps watching this. Uncle Al is amazing! Lovvve his reaction. Wowwwweeee. :) Greatphotos toooo!!!! love the feel of them. family sessions with all adults is def’ly trickier to do, creatively :) These are bang on!

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