Lindsey & Felipe ~ Saars Banks Farm Wedding

From the first touches of make-up by Kristy Lee, to the beautiful decor of the Saars Banks Farm reception, Lindsey & Felipe’s wedding was a huge success. It is these kinds of couples that remind me of the true purpose of a wedding – to become forever committed to your best friend, and through that union bless others.

I love Lindsey & Felipe. These two know how to make people feel loved and valued. Whether you are family, friend, youth group member, or photographer, doesn’t make a difference to them. You WILL be loved!

Enjoy these images that hopefully do justice to the joy of the day!

~ Leanne

Lindsey & Felipe chose to spend a few minutes talking [not seeing] and praying with each other before the ceremony. So sweet. 

Donna Easterbrook - Beautiful vintage wedding……….

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