Leanne & Samuel ~ Wedding

One of our own got married!

After years of photographing other people’s weddings, Leanne finally got to be the one on the other side of the lens. And did she ever rock it! What an absolutely stunning bride. And of course, Samuel, her handsome, bow-tie-clad groom swept her off her feet! Long story short, Leanne chose Sam. She has loved him for nearly a decade and will continue to love him for the rest of her days. Sam chose Leanne. His love for her is true and strong and he will cherish his bride for the rest of his days.

We love you both and are excited to continue doing life together!

And here are some photographs. Because that’s what we do! I think I am allowed to say that this was my favourite wedding of the year! :)

~Shauneille and Ryan (Proud brother of the bride. How often does a guy get to photograph his little sister’s wedding! His photos are stunning.)

Thank you to all the beautiful vendors!

Gown: Claire Pettibone

Flowers: Bethany Esslinger

Hair and Headpiece: Xristel Veils

Make-up: Brittany Newton

jenn - been waiting for this post! beautiful beyond words! congrats leanne and sam!

Brielle - Yeyyyyyyyyy! Great job!

Kristyn - This makes me SO happy. Such a lovely couple.

dorothy huynh - these. are. stunning. what a beautiful wedding!

Emily - Absolutely stunning! Amazing photography and a gorgeous couple. Congratulations to Leanne and Sam!

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