Irene & Jackie ~ Maternity

Irene is expecting her first baby in June of this year, and she contacted me requesting we do a maternity photo shoot. We tossed around ideas about doing indoor/in-studio photos or going for a more naturally lit/out-of-doors look. She decided on doing the photo shoot outside, and I’m so glad. We walked around Yaletown and the seawall of False Creek. It was a beautiful day, and Irene and her husband really picked a scenic location. They lived nearby, and so they thought it would be nice to have photos of where the baby’s first home will be.

Irene and Jackie Chan (yes, like the actor) were so comfortable in front of the camera. They were natural and laughed at all the right times. Maternity photo shoots are often done around 34-36 weeks of pregnancy, but Irene is so petite that she thought she might as well do the photo shoot now as she seems to have plateaued in her growth. Needless to say, it was a challenge, at times, to show off her belly, but she did so well.

I am so excited for these two as they are getting ready to welcome their little one.

~ Kayda

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