Andrea & Luke ~ YVR Engagement

Picking up relatives from the airport is fun, but not exactly the audience you’d expect for a marriage proposal…at least that’s what Andrea thought.

Andrea was determined that Luke would NOT be able to surprise her when he decided to propose. They had talked about marriage, she knew it was coming, and was sure she would spot when it was gonna happen. Luke took up the challenge.

Luke: wanna go with me to pick up some relatives from the airport?

Andrea: okay, sure! 

While waiting for these “relatives” to arrive, Andrea & Luke took a stroll down to International Departures where they had shared their first kiss (hello. romantic.) They “spontaneously” decided to reenact that special moment. So, they kissed, and Luke instructed Andrea to turn and walk away as if she was leaving through the departure gate, as part of the reenactment of course. When she turned back around, there was Luke, on one knee. :)

We spent a leisurely afternoon at YVR wandering through the airport taking photos of Andrea & Luke. These two admitted to some serious apprehension about getting photos taken, but 10 minutes after meeting we were laughing and taking some SERIOUSLY stunning photos of a SERIOUSLY stunning couple. Win win win. Stay posted for their July wedding!

~ Leanne

I took these:

While Ryan got his Artsy on and took this:

The first-kiss-and-proposal location!

Emily - Wow! I love the creativity here–it’s probably one of my favorite engagement sessions I’ve ever seen! I fell in love with the photo of the couple on the escalators :)

James - - Great use of available light, love how you use selvctiee focus and depth of field in your images, amazing backgrounds that work really well with your subject, your images are telling the story. Nice and clean.

Mikaela - These are incredible! Love, love, love.

Em - Beautiful couple!

Corinne W - It takes a special group of people to be ale to get a whole rockin’ engagement portrait session at an airport. Nicely done!

Hannah Nicole - Sick images. What an awesome couple! x

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