Introducing Elle&R

Hi world! This is Elle&R’s first blog post. Exciting times! This particular blogger is Leanne, and I’m the one on the far left of the following photos (from left to right: Leanne, Ryan, Shauneille, Kayda). We thought it fitting that this first post should be somewhat of an introduction to the Elle&R crew. And how better to describe us than with some pictures? The following images are a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, and during spare studio time…

I get more and more thankful to work with my siblings and friends every time we shoot together. It’s always a game of pass-the-camera-to-the-photographer-on-your-right-and-jump-in-front-of-the-lens. These next bunch of images are the results of one of those games.

And these last couple photos happened in what we call our Sunset Room. A little taste of our artsy side – would you believe me if I told you that lighting was entirely created by Ryan? Lighting genius. Unfortunately, Kayda had to take off before we got to this portion of the shoot, so we’ll feature her in the Sunset Room next time!

SO. That’s it! Dear blog-reader, it’s nice to meet you. Get ready for an explosion of shoots to be featured here as wedding season gets under way!

~ Leanne

Corinne W - Yay! Happy blogging :)

Hannah Nicole - I love this. Awesomeness. Y’all look rocking and create rocking images. :) x

Hilde - They should have a category in “Canada’s got Talent” for photographers. So much talent here! I’ve dealt with three of the shooters from Elle&R on various photo shoots, both personal and corporate, and have been blown away every time! Looking forward to seeing them at my niece’s wedding in May!

Bonny Wormald - So so so excited to see your blog. Love ya guys! You’re seriously the best.
Happy blogging!

Haley - Seriously I am in LOVE with your guys’s work!! Love, Love your new blog/ photos! I probably said this already…but I am totally having you guys take my Wedding pictures when I get married! (:

Abigail Ann - You guys are incredible.
One huge fan from Malaysia.

Josh - finally! it’s been too long! ah so glad it’s up. looks amazing!

Em - Great blog! Looking forward to future posts and pictures.

Rachel Peters - I want pictures in the sunset room too!
Looks great guys :)