About Leanne

What has been the biggest surprise about being a photographer?

When I first starting doing portraits, I was amazed at how truly interactive photography is. Not only are you behind the camera, you’re also in front of it, taking the initiative to make people comfortable and create a fun and memorable experience.

What makes a great photo?

I gauge the greatness of a photo by sound. My rating scale consists of “ohmygoodness,” “GAHHHHHH,” “mmm,” and “aghtiuoebwoie!” ….in no particular order.

What inspires you?

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”
- Ecc. 9:10
To be excellent at capturing the beauty in this world, sharing it with others, and by doing so, point back to the Creator of it all.

Random facts about Leanne:

Loves pie charts, graphs, and any form of stationary. Will take any chance to eat pasta at ANY time of the day. Stopped just short of completing her ARCT in classical piano, has been to China, and yes, she’s Chirish (half Chinese, half Scottish/Irish). Will often wander Chapters for no particular reason, and nothing melts her heart like a good word joke.