Madeline & Cornel ~ Engagement

Hello blog-readers! Shauneille here! Today I get to post about the engagement of two of my dearest friends. I love that I get to be a part of this -the friendship and dating, photographing them as fiances, anticipating the wedding day. So honoured!

There is much to Cornel and Maddie’s story, but in a nutshell:

Three months. That is how long it should take to go from friends to married…this was Cornel’s grand and daring opinion whenever relationships or marriage was the topic of discussion. Some of the first impressions that Maddie had of Cornel was that he was a crazy guy who was super intense about everything (funny thing is, Maddie often shared and supported Cornel in his opinions…The beginning of something!? I think so!). After spending much time together in groups, Cornel asked Maddie to have coffee with him. I remember the night it happened.

“He asked just you to hang out!? Just the two of you!?”

Excitement was stirring! Much was discussed during their ‘first date.’ However, what stuck out the most were the words, ‘I want to date you with the intention of marrying you.’

Fifteen months later (although, I’m sure three months would have sufficed), Cornel and Maddie are planning their wedding! We ventured to one of their favourite date spots for their shoot…Enjoy the images!

Their first kiss was when Cornel asked Madeline to be his wife.

Thumb wars: A relationship building exercise.

Cornel is a cyclist. Maddie is too. They cycle together these days.

The ring. And the journal.

This vintage beauty has quickly become Maddie’s most prized possession. When Cornel purchased it he said he just stared at for hours; no doubt imagining it on Maddie’s hand and envisioning their life together. And the journal…in which they have written to each other throughout their months of dating. So many pages of promising and treasured words.

jamie delaine - stinkeroonie. so great. i love their story too. admire them a lot.

Lisa @ Lavish & Light Photography - Such a beautiful set of photos. You make it seem as though these are the only two people in the world and the fact that their love for each other is as big as the world shines through in your images. Simply gorgeous.

Light Writer - I like your bright site

Ashley Ferreira - Dragonflight Photography - your work never ceases to amaze me, I love silently stalking your blog. But this post – these photographs are gorgeous :) All the best – Ashley

Jacqueline - Shauneille,
These photos are absolutely stunning!! Such a gorgeous duo… so happy for them both!

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