Kristina & Simon ~ Wedding

When I first received an email from Kristina asking if I would be willing to shoot their June wedding in Naramata, BC, all I had to do was Google NARAMATA BC and I was sold. Stunning wine country sloping down to a scenic lake. Four hour drive there, shoot a wedding, four hour drive home? Not a problem. Shout out to my wonderful fiance who drove Kim and I there and back – Sam, you are the most selfless man. :)

The house was bustling where Kristina was finishing her getting-ready preparations. The sun we were promised was nowhere in sight, and instead rain was POURING from the heavens. I joined the vigil of the bridesmaids at the window and faithfully exclaimed “I see blue sky!!” every time there was a speck of blue amidst the clouds.

Nothing could dampen the joy of Kristina & Simon as they exchange vows on the veranda of Naramata Heritage Inn. Friends and family crowded around to witness their union and I spied several tears of joy as I dodged in and out of doorways and windows snapping photos. Just as we were getting ready to leave for portraits I offered up one more plea to heaven that Kristina & Simon would get a little sun on their wedding day…and BAM! SUN! The Lord was thanked, and we enjoyed the rest of the day shooting in the sunshine!

The reception was incredibly detailed, and speeches were sweet and meaningful – as he got up to speak, Simon admitted  that he had hoped for rain to better excuse the precipitation happening on his face. Simon’s dad was as emotional as the groom and shared one of the most heart-felt memories I had heard in a father’s speech: “When our children were young and growing up, every night I would tuck Simon in and pray with him. As he got older I would pray over him, and eventually I would stand outside his door and pray for him…i always ended my prayers with this phrase – ‘and Lord bless Simon with Love & Joy & Peace & Happiness. Give him Wisdom & Integrity. Help him to know the difference between good & evil and to choose that which is good, and help him to grow up loving You.’ I believe God answered my prayer and blessed Simon in all these areas of your life…We also prayed that God would bless his future wife – wherever she was – and that God would be a part of her life and also grant her love, joy and peace and bless her with wisdom and integrity. Kristina, you are an answer to our prayers – a beautiful, smart, God-fearing woman – and the old cliche is true for us – we haven’t lost a son, we have gained a daughter.”

The night ended with some culture as Kristina’s Greek family led us in a round of traditional Greek dancing…and of course some breaking of the plates!

Alright, now I’ll let the details speak for themselves. :)

~ Leanne

Gown: Champagne & Lace

Bridesmaid Dresses: H&M

Flowers: Art Knapps

Shoes: Michael Kors

Stationary: Anna Skates – Etsy

Head Piece: The Bay

Cake: Estelle – Mozart’s Bakery

Ceremony & Reception: Naramata Heritage Inn


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