Kristen’s Birthday ~ Portraits

It’s Kristen’s birthday. Kristen is the beautiful brunette on the left. She is dating Mason. Mason is the stud in the photos. He is Cassy’s brother. Cassy is the gorgeous blonde. She said Kristen and Mason should date…and they took her advice (at least, that’s the tall and short of it). Yuna is the ridiculously-good-looking asian chick. She said they should do photos for Kristen’s birthday. You may recognize her from a session I shot with Yuna and her sister Katherine (feel free to refresh your memory HERE). And me? I’m just glad they decided to share in the birthday celebration in front of my camera!

~ Leanne

Lavender - May I ask where this location is? Absolutely astonishing photos!!!!

Joelynn - These photos are so fun and beautiful!!

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