Kelly & Ryan ~ Engagement

A question I often ask of engaged couples is – how did he propose? Stories range anywhere from romantic, classic, emotional, or simple and sweet. When Ryan decided that Kelly was the one he wanted to spend his life with, he settled for nothing short of original and heartfelt.

To give some history, their first almost-hang-out-together-alone happened when Kelly got a group of friends together to go listen to Bach’s Mass in B Minor [Kelly's favorite musical composition]. I say “almost-hang-out” because the friends bailed and Ryan and Kelly were both too awkward to go with just the other. Fast forward through the awkwardness, and the liking stage, and the dating stage, and Ryan has now determined she is the woman of his dreams. But, how to ask this woman to marry him? Ryan took it back to the start of their story and searched high and low for a local performance of the Mass in B Minor [I love proposal stories that involve foreshadowing. So fun!]. He searched and searched until he found a rehearsal happening on Vancouver Island. Having spent the day on the island, Kelly and Ryan attended the performance. Ryan handed Kelly the musical score to follow along in English. To Kelly’s amazement, the lyrics did not read how she remembered – Ryan had reprinted the score and filled in the words with his own. At the end of the reprinted score, Ryan was on one knee and asking Kelly to be his wife. She said yes!

I can’t wait for their September 15th wedding, these two are bursting with creativity. Congrats you two, and we’ll see ¬†you in a couple weeks!!

~ Leanne & Ryan

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