Kailey & Jack ~ Vancouver Wedding

This couple! This wedding! Where to begin!

Kailey and Jack are absolutely wonderful. Kailey is expressive, FULL of joy and energy and whole-heartedly in love with her groom. Jack is kind and handsome and has eyes solely for his beautiful bride.

September of 2008, they met. They shared their first kiss on December 1st. Jack asked Kailey out shortly after. September 2009, Kailey moved to Australia. (Oh yeah! Jack is Australian!) They dated, they fell desperately in love with each other and on January 8th, 2012, Jack asked Kailey to be his wife. She said YES and they got married on a sunny day in Vancouver and I got to capture it all!

As a photographer, it’s usually difficult to take photos while crying, so I had to pull it together for this wedding ceremony. The LOOK on Jack’s face as Kailey walked down the aisle toward him. She was BEAMING and he was in ENRAPTURED. Through the vows and the prayers and the kiss, these two just could not stop smiling. Their excitement to be marrying each other and their overflowing love for one another filled the entire church.

I loved being a part of this day and am excited for Jack and Kailey’s new adventure as husband and wife!

~Shauneille & Kayda

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