Jolene & David ~ Gastown Engagement

Jolene & David are truly a young version of an old-school romance.

When they first met, they were both working on Parliament Hill. David’s pastoral studies soon led him to Scotland where he courted Jolene from afar. Jolene’s work led back to Trinity Western University where she kept up a paper & ink correspondence with David. Their love developed over time and distance, and mutual interests in reading and writing!

After a season of long-distance, Jolene went to visit David in Scotland…of course this involved a trip to Edinburgh castle, where David had something a little better than a tour planned. Better than the history surrounding such landmark, David surprised Jolene with his request to share the rest of their future together.

From across an ocean, this couple is planning a beautiful June wedding and I can’t wait to photograph them once again!

~ Leanne

One of my favorite moments of the day was when David pulled out a copy of The Brownings (as a tribute to their love of literature). They sat pretending to read as we snapped pictures, and my heart melted when David started reading aloud this classic. His comment was, “well, it will look more like we’re reading if we’re actually reading, right?” Absolutely, David. You nailed it. :)

canvas prints - it was really lovely to see your photos. a masterclass at work.

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