Jocie & Bree ~ Wedding

I got a call from my buddy Bree about a year back with a special request…just a small favour. See he had planned a little horseback ride up to a small lake in the middle of nowhere with a picturesque little dock, which on this afternoon, happen to have a table set for two awaiting his arrival. If you haven’t already guessed where this is going, well here it is…two of my favorite people in the world were about to be engaged!!!. I had been sent up ahead to watch Bree’s dog and a new little puppy he had picked out for Jocie, and make sure everything was ready when they got there.

Anyway, I can’t say enough about these two…I’ve known both of them for over a decade and can’t even begin to recount the good times we’ve had. Despite having a name that is somewhat gender-vague, Bree is a legit rodeo cowboy and all round stud! Jocie has always been one to tumble with the boys…she beats me soundly every time we go golfing (and I have a very respectable handicap).┬áIt was really an honour to be a part of my good friend’s wedding day!

~ Ryan


Brielle - SO cute! LOVE the one of josie laughing at the table!

Uncle Britty, you look fantastic :D

Congrats to you guys!

Laura - These are so gorgeous!!

Damara - These are just so beautiful! I love their joy that radiates from the images!

Gabrielle Bayona - Amazing work! Loved the shots with the bubbles and the car :)

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