Jill & Jarrod ~ Crescent Beach Engagement

I’ve known Jill for quite some time now and I’m not lying when I say every encounter I’ve had with her has been pure joy. She is just overflowing with enthusiasm for life, genuine kindness and JUST LOOK AT HER! Beauty galore! And not just that pretty smile…She’s got a heart of gold. In passing here and there, it never came up in conversation that she had a man her life, so running into her one evening and seeing a tall, handsome, smilin’ man at her side was a DELIGHTFUL surprise! Now…being a wedding photographer and all, I’m not gonna lie, one of my thoughts after meeting Jarrod was…”Gosh, those two will photograph AMAZINGLY one day.” Haha! So…YES, I was overjoyed upon seeing that Jill and Jarrod were ENGAGED! And THRILLED when, shortly after, I got a message from Jill about booking their engagement session!

A foggy Autumn morning, surrounded by ocean and tall trees…Perfect. Jill and Jarrod’s smiling faces and ease…ALSO perfect.

And thank goodness, these two are getting married real soon and it’s going to be one great day to be a part of! Can’t wait!


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