Jill & Jarrod ~ Caufield Park and Roundhouse Wedding

Let me tell you something about this couple that you can probably figure out on your own by looking at these images –These two people are LEGIT. And GORGEOUS.

Jill and I have known each other for a while now. And it was always the thought of ‘mannnn, that girl is SO great’ when I’d run into her here and there. When one time, I ran into Jill and  she was with this tall, smiling man named Jarrod! I knew it was a matter of time before they’d be gettin’ married. And I secretly, or not so secretly, really really wanted to photograph them and be a part of their day! When Jill messaged me saying that she was engaged and wanted to talk photos, I’m pretty sure I let out an enthusiastic ‘YESSSSS’ out loud in front of my computer screen.

I just couldn’t choose my favourites from this day. So why not post a billion images!? I LOVE every single one. The smiles, dancing, tears, laughter…I love it all.

ENJOY. (You’re gonna want to keep on scrolling all the way down, because there are some pretty magical ‘golden hour’ shots at the end…oh my heart!)


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