Heather & Ryan ~ Lakeside Engagement

Heather & Ryan are brilliant. This couple walked in front of my camera with a whole lot of gorgeousness…and they also came with two completely stylish outfits, a rowboat, a friend’s house with a lake and dock, a parasol (which we decided to feature in their September wedding), gumboots, a random side-of-the-road set of quirky sheds, and a hidden forest, lake, and field. WHAT???!?!?!

On top of all that, their story is simple and sweet. They first met when Heather came to Ryan’s highschool. Ryan was athetic….and was quite defined by his athleticism. Heather was not interested in Ryan.┬áSometimes the timing just isn’t right! They RE-met when Heather attended Ryan’s church, he sat next to her and bugged her about NOT ONLY coming to HIS highschool, but now HIS CHURCH! She laughed, they chatted, and she still wasn’t interested. Ryan then landed a job with Heather’s brother, who FINALLY convinced Heather that “this Ryan guy is actually pretty awesome…you should give him a chance.” And I am so glad she listened. These two are clearly in love, and are wonderful to watch together!

~ Leanne

Ryan - These turned out so great! Thanks a ton for the fun day and awesome pictures :)

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