Day in the life of…..Hub!

Every Tuesday hundreds of youth gather at my church – Christian Life Assembly. This youth group is called Revolution. It’s the BEST. Over the last 6-7 years, I’ve had the privilege of serving weekly and watching as lives get transformed, set free, and filled with joy because of Jesus. More specifically, in the last two years I’ve been hub group leader. Every Monday a group of girls gather in my house…which we are quickly out-growing….and share life together. Coincidentally, this group of girls is also RIDICULOUSLY good-looking. So, we spent the day in the desert (a little-known spot in Langley) taking pictures. Special thanks to my dear friend Kim for assisting in this venture! To my hub girls: thanks for lending your pretty faces to our cameras. And to those who couldn’t make it to the shoot: you are also ridiculously good-looking…we’ll plan photoshoot #2 soon. :)


The brunettes:

The blondes:

I snuck in for these last few photos….

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