Dana & Vince ~ White Rock Engagement

Dana & Vince first met while watching the 2010 World Cup final. To this day Dana is unsure of who won, although she has a vague idea that Spain MAY have won…I researched it, Spain did win. :) These two were much more preoccupied with getting to know the person that would become their future spouse. Soccer could wait.

Dana lived in Ontario at that time, and was in town only a short time visiting friends. Vince also knew these friends. Plans had been made to watch this soccer game, but the only place that could fit this group was Vera’s Burgers downtown! Vince recalled sitting next to Dana finding everything in common with this amazing woman. They made the most of the time Dana had in Vancouver, and went on a few dates. But, when Dana left, the relationship continued via snail mail. Pen pals! Two years passed, as did many letters and visits across the country. Needless to say, Dana & Vince are quite happy the commute to see each other now is a short half hour, and does not involved an airport in between! Looking forward to their July wedding!

~ Leanne

Anita - So Cute! Love the pictures and love these people!

Laura - These are gorgeous!!

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