Claire & Phil ~ Maternity

Claire and I had originally set the date of her maternity photo session to be November 8, but it just so happened that October 30 opened up for me. The day worked out perfectly to capture the lovely Claire, her adorable baby bump and the SOON-to-be-dad – Phil.

Two days later (November 1), on Claire’s last day of work, a surprising event occurred. In the wee hours of the morning, Claire’s water broke and labour started. Naturally, she was obliged to miss out on the farewell party her coworkers had planned in her honor. Claire was admitted to the hospital in the early afternoon, and it was discovered that her baby was in the breech position (bum down). She was rushed to the operating room and in a short period of time Phil and Claire were holding their beautiful baby girl – Ruby Amelia. Despite her early arrival, little Ruby and family are doing well!

I suppose Claire and I will have to postpone our coffee date, but I look forward to photographing newborn Ruby in the near future. Now, without further ado, here are the images of Claire and Phil that were taken a couple of days before they officially met their sweet bundle of joy!

~ Kayda

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