Cantelon Family Christmas

Families are quirky, joyful, messy, and beautiful things to be a part of, but I wouldn’t trade my two families for the world.

This year was a special year in the Cantelon household. Though Sam and I have already spent one Christmas together as a married couple, this was the first year his ENTIRE family (parents, grandparents, siblings, and all the nieces & nephews) were all together on December 25th. Ben, Alice, and little Cordelia flew in from London, England, grandparents came from Sweden, Mike & Laura + 3 kids ferried from Victoria, BC…and the rest of us piled in from various parts of Langley, BC. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we decided a quick family portrait session would be fitting! Thank you Ryan for snagging my camera for a couple pics of the whole family and Sam & I. :)

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

~ Leanne

This is Rachael, Jason, and their handsome man Hudson.

Introducing Mike & Laura with some of the coolest kids ever – Linden, Jackson, and Lucia (in order from oldest to youngest). Linden and Jackson actually helped me take the very last photos of their parents with Lucy…maybe some photographers in the making….

This is Sam + I + baby-on-the-way. Hello. :)

Brent & Carina are absolute professionals when it comes to wielding their 5 grandchildren. Although I must give some credit to parents beside the camera enthusiastically coaxing their children into all smiling simultaneously! Well done, everyone.

The lovely Ardena (Sam’s grandmother on his dad’s side), and the sweet Berit & Len (grandparents on his mother’s side).

And lastly, the ever-loving, ever-giving, Brent & Carina – how they managed to host all of us over Christmas is quite beyond me! They are such a blessing in so many ways.

Elisabeth Lindahl - So wonderful all of you

Maggie - These are so beautiful and I absolutley LOVE them.

Mary - WOW!! is all I can say, I remember when Sam was like 6 yrs old..fidgety as ever,when Ben and Laura started on the worship team, when Rachael was in the Christmas plays..sooo many memories…. to see all these kids grown up and married AND have kids of their own…WOW!! One beautiful family indeed! God bless every one of you and your family, you are a blessing wherever you go!

damara - Love everything about this session…what a beautiful family the Cantelons are!!! So wonderful.

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