Caitlin & Paul ~ Calgary Wedding

Caitlin & Paul were high school sweethearts. What I love about this couple is that friendship transcends every part of their relationship. Not only are they the loves of each other’s lives, they are pals.

Paul’s wedding gift to Caitlin was a beautiful Tiffany’s bracelet and a note reminding Caitlin of the things he loved about her. In keeping with Caitlin & Paul’s style, the note was signed off with, “see ya soon, home-slice!” Bridesmaids choked back tears, but a beaming Caitlin looked around and announced, “I’m trying really hard to cry and be emotional, but I’m just too happy!!”

Every bit of this wedding was entirely genuine and entirely THEM! That’s my favourite part. There were beautiful bridesmaids and groomsmen, gorgeous gowns, stunning flowers, simply elegant decorations, but still the best thing to look at were the smiles on their faces. They love each other. And I love them.

Congrats Caitlin & Paul!

Leanne & Ryan

Holly - everything about this wedding is absolutely STUNNING. well done!!!

Jacinthe - You can clearly tell how much they not only love, but also like each other. I love it… It’s the sweetest thing. Thank you so much for sharing! Beautiful photos, as always

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