Breanna & Bronson ~ Wedding

Let me tell you about these two lovebirds. They are unbelievably kind, perpetually loving and unceasingly joyful. Bronson was a dear friend of mine before he met Breanna, and when he first told about this cute, outgoing, bubbly, wonderful girl, well, I could just hear how in love with her he was…he couldn’t hide it even if he wanted to! And when I first met Breanna, my first thoughts were something like ‘Well, she is just amazing! And a PERFECT fit for Bronson!’ This couple overflows with beauty. Inward and outward. And I love that these photos reflect that!

Photographing their wedding was absolutely lovely…the hot summer sun setting as they spoke their vows to each other and the lights and laughter filling the warm night. Perfectly lovely.

~ Shauneille

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