Best Friends ~ Sarah & Nicole

There are truly some people in the world who are entirely good to be around. Sarah and Nicole found those qualities in each other. And I found myself smiling all the way home from this shoot because these girls infuse everyone around them with encouragement and joy!

Nicole is one of the interns from my church. She wanted to gift her friend Sarah a photo shoot for her birthday because they both LOVE doing impromptu photo shoots. They determined that to round off all the fun, silly, random years of photos, they would have one last exclamation-mark-of-a-photo-shoot and get a proper portrait session! They chose me. And I’m SO thankful they did. I am entirely re-inspired for this year.

These two are STUNNING. From their character, to their love for Jesus, to their maturity, to their willingness to be real and silly. I love getting to witness such beauty.

~ Leanne


Andrea - These are really breath-taking..very Brontë sisters! Love your work Leanne.

Janine Willemsen - Leanne, thank you for these stunning photos and for the beautiful words you used to introduce this photo-shoot. I know these girls VERY well, Nicole my daughter and Sarah, her best friend – they are a breath of fresh air and a wonderful blessing to many people! – These photos have warmed my heart tremendously. Thank you for using your amazing talent with photography to bless me this way! Janine Willemsen

melody Davis - these are truly stunning. beautiful.

Corinne W - what a beautiful shoot! I love their 2nd outfits.

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