Becca & Jon ~ Vancouver Club Wedding

After their beautiful West Vancouver engagement session, I knew Becca & Jon’s wedding was going to be nothing short of stunning. Shauneille and I joined the wedding festivities starting at the London Heritage Farm  for the ceremony. What a sweet, vintage location to be married! Jon’s eyes were filled with tears of joy as Becca walked down the lavender-edged aisle towards him, and the couple was all laughs and happy-dances as they exited, man and wife. We thought we had had our fill of details and beautiful locations, but we had yet to reach the Vancouver Club reception! MORE beauty, MORE details, MORE nooks and corners (and rooftops) to take photos! Well done, Becca & Jon. Well done.

~ Leanne

Becca taking a quiet minute to read over the vows she would make to Jon.

Not quite sure if we were supposed to be up here….but, there were no signs saying otherwise. HELLO Vancouver!

Becca’s family happens to be made up of really rad musical people. They played a couple dusky, country, love songs for the couple.

And then? We danced. And I mean DANCED. I am convinced Nathan Balzer is the one of the best DJs I know. He will have you AND your great grandma busting a move on the dance floor.

And if the music wasn’t enough to convince you, Logan (old friend of Shauneille, new friend of mine) would not accept ‘no’ for an answer. I’m assuming this look means GET. HERE. RIGHT. NOW. AND. DANCE! Fortunately everyone obliged quite willingly. :)

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