Antler Style ~ Fashion

I have never really considered myself a huge television connoisseur. The appeal of shows like Survivor, Glee, American Idol, The Bachelor etc. has seemingly been lost on me. However, lately I have become quite addicted to Storage Wars. Strange though it may be, I never tire of these crazy auction guru’s finding gold mines in piles of what would normally be considered trash. Anyways, inspired by the thought of untold treasures, I have been frequenting the local auctions in search of my own riches and glory!

The unfortunate reality of the situation, however, is that I seem to come home every week with the coolest, most awesome, one of a kind pieces…of junk! It’s treasure to me ok!

If you are wondering what this all has to do with a model wearing the remains of a 4-point mule deer well…the model is my friend Kim and we found these Antlers at last weeks auction. Seeing as a set of antlers has no real practical value whatsoever, we decided we would stick to what we do best (fun photoshoots) and leave the auction hunting to the pro’s…well…at least until next weeks auction ;).


Photographer: Ryan Tam
Model: Kim Poppema
Make Up: Brittany Lee
Deer: Name Unknown


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