Alissa & Ben ~ YVR Engagement

Alissa & Ben love to travel. Shortly after meeting these two at YVR, we were discussing their upcoming wedding plans. Now, when I say these two love to travel, I mean they LOVE to TRAVEL. Alissa & Ben are taking off right after they say “i do” to Africa on a missions trip! The fact that they were in an airport and NOT buying tickets to leave for some other continent was probably only because I begged them to stay for their engagement session. PLEASE DON’T GO!

Side note: I love when a 6-foot-something guy and a 5-foot-something girl fall in love. So cute. Also. Alissa, I love your hair. And your bright green jacket.

~ Leanne

Jacinthe - I’m loving this session, Leanne! The third-to-last photo is beautiful. And the last one really made me smile! Cute couple. :)

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