About Shauneille

What has been the biggest surprise about being a photographer?

The most joyful discovery has been seeing how the simple act of taking a photo speaks encouragement and confidence to the person on the other side of the lens. We are beautiful people, made in the image of God! Photography has given me the opportunity to share that truth with people.

What makes a great photo?

I am always drawn to those images that perfectly combine inspired subject matter and thoughtful composition. I can spend hours drooling over fine art photography blogs looking at just such photos. However, there is another type of greatness- the greatness of capturing the honesty of a simple moment in time.

What inspires you?

Oh! So much! The vast array of beauty and life in this world is overwhelming. But, in short, what inspires me!? The opportunity to be creative!

Random facts about Shauneille:

Loves Anne of Green Gables, wicker furniture and herbal tea with honey. Has a daily morning dance party in her living room and swears there’s no other work-out that compares. Has a special softness for Louie Armstrong, delights in the smell of autumn bonfires, and has an incredible knack for finding cute shoes at local thrift stores that are exactly 1 1/2 sizes too small.