About Ryan

What has been the biggest surprise about being a photographer?

Probably how much is involved in consistently capturing great photos and how small a factor pushing buttons on a camera is to that end.

What makes a great photo?

If you look at a photo and it gives you goosebumps…those are the best kind; otherwise, photos that capture emotion and tell a story beyond the visual.

What inspires you?

Hmm…new ideas, challenges, chasing around epic moments armed with only a camera, searching for that “holy grail” shot. Learning something new every day…yep…that’s about right.

Random facts about Ryan:

Still drinks Tim Hortons even though its not good coffee (according to connoisseurs), holds a Bachelor of Business Admin, plays hockey in the winter and volleyball in the summer, finds multiplayer Halo extremely addicting, has a closet shoe fetish, knows the words to more country songs than he cares to admit, can play ping pong with either hand, and owns a Millermatic 250x welder.