Thanks for stopping by our blog. Since you have clicked on the About section, you’re probably wondering “who is elle&R?”

Elle&R started back in 2010, with the goal to create a photography company that would be excellent, accessible, and a collaborative of several creative individuals. After just three years in the photo industry, we have had so much fun shooting 130+ weddings, over 100 engagement sessions, and 200+ portraits/events/everything else under the sun.

We are a group of individuals who all share a common love for people and art. At any given time, you can find one or more of us taking photos, making music, or building and creating something. While we all share a similar aesthetic in our photographic work, our individual personalities are still hilariously different! You can read more about our little quirks on our profiles!

Our greatest joy is making you feel entirely comfortable being you – and creating images that reflect exactly that! Whether you are quirky, model-ly, shy, giggly, or never-been-in-front-of-a-camera-before, we already like all those things about you.

We would love to get the chance to meet you, hear your story, and work together to create some beautiful images! Check out  our Website for more information, or click below to learn more about our photographers.