Monthly Archives: May 2012

Destyni & Tim ~ Westminster Quay Wedding

The morning of her wedding Destyni was the soul of calm and collected. Her and Tim had dated for several years andView full post »

Heather & Ryan ~ Lakeside Engagement

Heather & Ryan are brilliant. This couple walked in front of my camera with a whole lot of gorgeousness…andView full post »

Best Friends ~ Sarah & Nicole

There are truly some people in the world who are entirely good to be around. Sarah and Nicole found those qualities inView full post »

Dana & Vince ~ White Rock Engagement

Dana & Vince first met while watching the 2010 World Cup final. To this day Dana is unsure of who won, although sheView full post »

Bethany & James ~ Wedding

Dear Bethany & James. I have known Beth for several years. It brings me back to my younger years in the youth groupView full post »

Tiffany & John ~ Wedding

Ohhh, Tiffany and John! Although trying to take photos through teary eyes isn’t ideal, shooting friends’View full post »

Joyce & Daniel ~ Engagement

Joyce and Daniel first met when Daniel was in grade 10 and Joyce in grade 9. Compelled by her mother, Joyce attended aView full post »

Victoria & Justin ~ Wedding

Justin and Victoria’s wedding was the perfect blend of vintage and classy, from the charming B&B where theView full post »

Chantelle & Myles ~ Engagement

At the start of their engagement session, Chantelle & Myles admitted to some nerves being in front of a camera thatView full post »